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I see myself as a magical scientist and I have been researching rust and glass as a queer way to leak out of the structure of western science. I have been working with rust in glass as a natural pigment for my graduation in Fine Art at ArtEZ. I am building a greenhouse out of pigmented glass that makes the overgrowing quality of rust visible. I grew up in Aalsmeer, an area with many old greenhouses. Some of them are abandoned and overgrown, making you wonder what grows inside. Rust is a growing crystal that slowly overgrows. It acts like it is not moving, but when you look away it starts dripping and leaking everywhere. I make black rust pigment and melt it in between pairs of glass plates in an oven around 800˚C. The glass melts together and fixates the rust, which starts to boil and drip. Eventually the rust changes colour by the heat - from black to different shades of red. These glass plates are stills, showing a fraction in the long life of rust in deep time. But perhaps after a year, eight years or eight hundred years, the glass breaks, crumbles back to sand and the rust will be free again.

Latest Project


Exhibitions and CV



Hoeders van het land - 17 November - 7 January in Kunstenlab, Deventer

Buitenspelen - 30 September - 7 January in Dat Bolwerck, Zutphen

Selected for Kunstpodium T Apprentice Master - 2024, Tilburg

Selected for Starters atelier Kunstenlab - 2023-2025, Deventer


Artfair Huntenkunst - 24, 25, 26 May 2024 in DRU, Ulft

Kunstpodium T Apprentice Master - 2024, Tilburg




- HanzeCatch - Ijsselbiennale 24 November, Zwolle

Creative Co.LaB - 24 November, Breda

Kunstroute Aalsmeer - 16 and 17 September, Aalsmeer

- Arty Party - 7 September 2023 in Melkweg, Amsterdam 2023

ArtEZ Graduation show 'FULL:FILLED' at BEAR fine art, ArtEZ  university of the Arts - 5-9 July 2023, Arnhem


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Natural Dye Workshop

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Stills of Deeptime

River Seeds

Pentagon Hive

Magical Scientist


Natural Dyes

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