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River Seed, een kunstwerk van glas, zand en water.

The Story:


I found these river seeds along the riverside. They form in wild whirl pools over time and seem to be very rare. The center of the whirl gets so much pressure of the whirling water around it that it slowly solidifies. Not by temperature but by pressure. This is how a river seed gets formed. If it is planted, a little puddle appears that starts slowly growing bigger and bigger. A water source will grow out of it, and when it is given enough time to grow, a new river will form itself.

The transformation of water into ice is similar to the transformation of sand into glass. With the enchanted approach I have towards science , I try to figure out if I can melt sand to ice and freeze water to glass. I filled the glass with water and sand from the river Rhine in Arnhem. I carefully drilled a hole in the glass and closed it after I filled it up.

Click on image for video of A River Seed - 14cm 

River Seeds, geblazen glaskunst van glas, roest en zand. Glasgeblazen rivierzand.

The doughnut shaped glass objects are handblown, but not by myself. I did however glassblow the objects on the left myself. These contain different types of sands from different places along the river Chervo in Italy. I made these glass objects during an artist-in-residence program at Fondazione Pistoletto.  

Sand Containers 10cm - glassblowing

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