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Rust in glass - nr. XXII

Rust in glass - nr. XXII


Ster Borgman sees themselves as a magical scientist and have been researching rust in glass. Rust is something hybrid, something that grows and even overgrows. When you look at glass, it pretends not to move, but when you look away it starts dripping and flowing everywhere: it's slow, but unstoppable. Rust tells a story about deep time; how it bursts out of the earth in the form of iron and then slowly oxidizes through the rain. In the oven, Ster melts two antiques greenhouse windows of glass on top of each other, where they capture a self developed liquid rustpigment in between the glass. The glass melts over the the rust, which boils and tries to escape the heat of the oven. Eventually, due to the heat, the rust changes color from black to different shades of red. These glass plates are like pictures of a moment in the deep time, a moment in the life of rust.


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